scottish nudibranchs

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Acanthodoris pilosa Acanthodoris pilosa Adalaria loveniAdalaria loveni Adalaria proximaAdalaria proxima Aegires punctilucensAegires punctilucens Aeolidia filomenaeAeolidia filomenae
Aeolidia papillosaAeolidia papillosa Aeolidiella glaucaAeoldiella glauca Aldisa zetlandicaAldisa zetlandica Ancula gibbosa Ancula gibbosa Armina loveniArmina loveni
Cadlina laevisCadlina laevis Crimora papillataCrimora papillata Cuthona nanaCuthona nana Cuthonella concinnaCuthona concinna Dendronotus frondosusDendronotus frondosus
Dendronotus cf frondosusDendronotus cf frondosus Dendronotus lacteusDendronotus lacteus Dendronotus cf lacteusDendronotus cf lacteus Diaphorodoris luteocinctaDiaphorodoris luteocincta Doris pseudoargusDoris pseudoargus
Doto coronataDoto coronata Doto dunneiDoto dunnei Doto eireana
Doto eireana
Doto fragilisDoto fragilis Doto hydrallmaniaeDoto hydrallmaniae
Doto hystrixDoto hystrix Doto maculataDoto maculata Doto millbayanaDoto millbayana Doto pinnatifidapinnatifida Doto sarsiae
Doto sarsiae
Doto sp.
Doto sp.
Embletonia pulchra
Embletonia pulchra
Eubranchus doriae
Eubranchus doriae
Eubranchus exiguusEubranchus exiguus Eubranchus farraniEubranchus farrani
Eubranchus linensisEubranchus linensis Eubranchus pallidusEubranchus pallidus Eubranchus tricolorEubranchus tricolor Eubranchus vittatausEubranchus vittatus Facelina annulicornisfacelina annulicornis
Facelina auriculataFacelina auriculata Facelina bostoniensisFacelina bostoniensis Favorinus blianusFavorinus blianus Favorinus branchialisFavorinus branchialis Flabellina browniFlabellina browni
Flabellina gracilisFlabellina gracilis Flabellina lineataFlabellina lineata Flabellina pedataFlabellina pedata Flabellina pellucidaFlabellina pellucida Flabellina verrucosaFlabellina verrucosa
Geitodoris planataGeitodoris planata Goniodoris castaneaGoniodoris castanea Goniodoris nodosaGoniodoris nodosa Hancockia uncinataHancockia uncinata Hero formosaHero formosa
Janolus cristatusJanolus cristatus Jorunna tomentosaJorunna tomentosa Knoutsodonta depressaKnoutsodonta depressa Knoutsodonta pictoniKnoutsodonta pictoni Limacia clavigeraLimacia clavigera
Lomanotus geneiLomanotus genei Lomanotus marmoratusLomanotus marmoratus Okenia aspersa
Okenia aspersa
Onchidoris bilamellataOnchidoris bilamellata Onchidoris muricataOnchidoris muricata
Onchidoris sparsa
Onchidoris sparsa
Polycera faeroensisPolycera faeroensis Polycera quadrilineataPolycera quadrilineata Rostanga rubraRostanga rubra Rubramoena amoenaRubroamoena amoena
Rubramoena rubescensRubramoena rubescens Tenellia caeruleaCuthona caerulea Tenellia foliata
Tenellia foliata
Tenellia gymnotaTenellia gymnota Tenellia pustulataTenellia pustula
Tenellia viridisTenellia viridis Tergipes tergipesTergipes tergipes Trapania pallida
Trapania pallida
Tritonia hombergiiTritonia hombergii Tritonia lineataTritonia lineata
Tritonia plebeiaTritonia plebeia        

.................................. and some other sea slugs.

Aplysia punctata Aplysia punctata Berthella plumulaBerthella plumula Colpodaspis pusillaColpodaspis pusilla Elysia viridisElysia viridis Hermaea bifidaHermaea bifida
Lamellaria perspicuaLamellaria perspicua Laona pruinosaLaona pruinosa Philine quadripartitaPhiline quadripartita Placida dendriticaPlacida dendritica Pleurobranchus membranaceusPleurobranchus membranaceus
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